We had always taken a pride in our admirable track record of organizing quality chess tournaments. Apart from FIDE rating tournaments, Indian Chess School, In a last decade or so, has organized good number of of official events in district & state championships but it had never got an opportunity to organize a national championship. All this will change on 05 November 2016!! For, on this day we would be hosting SBI Life V National Amateur Chess Championship 2016 at the picturesque, seminar hall of Thakur College of Science & Commerce.

For this, I would like to extend my sincere thanks to our district association - MSDCA for giving us opportunity to host this event. My thanks also goes to Maharashtra Chess Association & All India Chess Federation also and it would be our endeavor to hold this in a befitting manner.

My thanks also goes to Dr. Richa Jain helping the getting the venue. The seminar hall of Thakur College of Science & Commerce has state-of-the-art facility pertaining to international standards. We have our All India FIDE Rating Tournament and Mumbai Mayor's Chess Championship in the year 2014. Besides that Thakur College has always been supporting lot of our events since almost a decade.

This event would not have been possible without the support of SBI Life Insurance Company Limited. They have been sponsoring our annual event since last four years and starting from a local schools event, it has started taking giant strides! Last year we had all Maharashtra FIDE rating event and now this year it has become a national event!! A day is not far when when we would have international event.

See you on November 05 for altogether a great experience!