What is the probability of a player winning a tournament who is rated around 1000 ELO below than the top seed? Well, one cany say as difficult as finding a needle in a haystick! 

However, miracles do happen or much better the triumph of mind! This is what exactly happened at the first edition of GoldChess tournament by ICS as 12-year old Krish Butala (ELO 1363) produced amazing moves to complete the task of winning the contest in just 27 moves as against 29 moves to win the championship and pocket the winner's purse of US $ 225!

The feat is commendable as the event has players like IM norm holder, Rakesh Kulkarni and WIM Parnali Dharia and Krish completed the task in under 30 minutes. In fact, he was the first player off the block by finding checkmate in 32 as against the requirement to find checkmate in 29. As per format of the event, he took back the moves and cut-down not 3 but 5 moves to win the event! Congratulations!!

Before we go further as to how Krish accomplished the task, let us find out the interesting format of this event: GoldChess tournament is basically an on-line tournament against a chess engine who strength is around 1800 ELO. At the start of event the participants are give a certain task - for example, in the event concluded, the board position after 14-moves were given and the task was given to find a checkmate before move 29:

GoldChess Task (Start Position after Move 14)

Now, let us see as to how Krish reached his aim! 


With Krish pocketing the championship and US $ 225, the remaining contestants now fought for the remaining two prizes of US $ 175 & US $ 100 however, none of them could achieve the task at the end of 30 minutes. As such, the move stipulation was changed to 30 but correspondingly, the prizes reduced to US $ 75 & US $ 30.

Within 5 minutes, Krishnater Kushager (ELO 1953) followed by WIM Parnali Dharia (2140).

The entire 2-hour event was fun-filled and it was also wonderful to interact with GM Jacek Stopa, who was in-charge of the event.

Indian Chess School congratulates all the three winners and hope that the event was fruitful for the remaining contestants!